FMB Resources

Members of the Financial Management Board meet weekly to review $5,000 expenditure requests and to discuss Shirt Charity Fund application requests. We also meet bi-annually for Winter and Spring Allocation, in which student activity funds are allocated to various student union and student interest groups, including clubs. If you or your club members have questions about budget proposals for Winter or Spring Reallocation, we highly recommend attending office hours or setting up an appointment with the Student Union Treasurer or one of the two Assistant Student Union Treasurers. More information can also be found in the "Allocation Information" tab below.

For students seeking access to funding requests (such as a $5,000 request, Technology Fund request, or Fund Appeal request), the forms can be found under "FMB Club and Student Union Organization Resources" and must be completed and either turned in at 314D in LaFortune student center or emailed directly to