FMB Club and Student Union Organization Resources

Student Union COVID-19 Response Financial Account

Student Union Organizations and Special Interest Groups have the ability to apply to receive funding from the Student Union COVID-19 Response Financial Account that was created to address the unique circumstances in 2020-2021 caused by the novel coronavirus global pandemic. This application has both a narrative and proposed expenditure section, and the applicant group must be able to prove that the money is going to support an initiative or set of initiatives that addresses concerns due to COVID-19, or addresses the unique circumstances of last semester and this current semester.

Covid 19 Relief Fund Application

$5,000 Request

All student union groups seeking to spend more than $5,000 must fill out a $5,000 Request Form as attached below, and submit it with complete and accurate information to the Financial Management Group for review and approval. 

5,000 Request Form

Technology Fund Request

FMB has a Technology Fund Rotation Program. The goal of the Technology Fund Rotation Program is to provide student organizations within the Financial Management Board with the technology to assist them in their daily operations. This program creates a rotation cycle during which organizations have a specified amount of money within the technology fund to apply towards any technological needs they have within a given period. If you believe you or your student group qualifies for funding, please fill out the attached Tech Fund Request form and submit it to FMB for review and approval. 

FMB Tech Fund

Funding Request Appeal

If you wish to appeal a funding request that was not granted by the members of FMB, you have the option to complete the form below and submit it to the Club Coordination Council at least two weeks prior to the scheduled event. Please place the form in the appropriate Division Chair's mailbox outside of the Club Coordination Council's mailbox (314C LaFortune Club Resource Center) or email the completed form to

FMB Fund Appeal

For further questions concerning any aspect of the resources available to Financial Management Board members, please feel free to contact us at